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Abraham Lincoln's Profile, Timeline

This is about Abraham Lincoln Timeline.

Abraham Lincoln (born in Hardin County, Kentucky, February 12, 1809-died in Washington, D.C., April 15, 1865 at the age of 56 years) is the President of the United States, serving from March 4, 1861 until his assassination took place. he led his nation out of the American civil war, maintaining the unity of the nation, and abolish slavery. However, when the war was nearing its end, he became the first u.s. President who was assassinated. [need reference] Before his inauguration in 1860 as the first Republican President, Lincoln's profession as a lawyer, a member of the Illinois legislature, Member of the United States HOUSE of REPRESENTATIVES, and twice failed in the election of the members of the Senate.

As opponents of slavery, Lincoln won the nomination of the President of the United States from the Republican party in 1860 and later elected President. [need reference] His reign tinged with the defeat of the Confederate State of America, the pro slavery, in the American civil war. [need reference] He issued a decree that ordered the abolition of slavery through the Proclamation of Emancipation in 1863, and added the Article the thirteenth into the U.S. CONSTITUTION in 1865.

Lincoln closely supervised the war, including the selection of commanders like Ulysses s. Grant. [need reference] Historians have concluded that Lincoln organized factions within the Republican party, bringing every faction leaders into his Cabinet and forcing them to work together. [need reference] Lincoln managed to defuse tensions with the United Kingdom following the scandal of Trent in 1861. [need reference] Under his leadership the party North managed to occupy the region South of the beginning of the war. [need reference] Lincoln was then re-elected as u.s. President in 1864. [need reference]

Opponents criticize the war Lincoln because of his attitude that refuses compromises against slavery. [need reference] Instead, the Conservatives of the radical Republican faction pro abolition of slavery, critiquing the Republican Lincoln because of his slow in the abolition of slavery. [need reference] Although hampered by numerous obstacles, Lincoln managed to unify public opinion through his rhetoric and speeches; the speech was the best Speech of Gettysburg. [need reference] Near the end of the war, Lincoln's moderate attitude towards reconstruction, namely crave unity back nation through a policy of reconciliation. His successor, Andrew johnson, also crave unity back white people, but failed to defend the rights of the newly freed slaves. [need reference] Lincoln votes as President of the US's most excellent throughout American history.

Famous asAmerican President
Born on12 February 1809
Born inSoutheast Hardin County, Kentucky
Died on15 April 1865
NationalityUnited States
Works & AchievementsPreservation of the United States, Abolition of Slavery in America

Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln Timeline:
1809 - Abraham Lincoln was born on 12 February.
1832 - Lincoln’s began his political career.
1834 - Lincoln won election to the state legislature.
1837 - Lincoln made his first protest against slavery in the Illinois House.
1842 - Lincoln married Mary Todd on 4 November.
1854 - Abraham Lincoln moved to Republican Party.
1860 - Lincoln received his first endorsement to run for the presidency in May.
1860 - He became the sixteenth president of the United States on 6 November.
1860 - South Carolina left the Union.
1861- Six other cotton growing sates followed the South Carolina.
1861- Lincoln escaped an assassination attempt on 23 February in Washington.
1861- Lincoln delivered his first inaugural speech on 4 March 1861.
1861- The Unionists were attacked by Confederate in April.
1862 - The Second Confiscation Act was passed and thousands of slaves were freed.
1862 - The “Emancipation Proclamation” was announced on 22 September.
1862 - Homestead Act came in effect.
1862 - Legal Tender Act was signed which established the first paper currency in the American history
1863 - The “Emancipation Proclamation” came into effect on 1 January 1863 and abolition of slavery became an official goal.
1863 - Amnesty Proclamation was issued on 8 December.
1864 - Lincoln was re-elected as President.
1865 - Lincoln gave his second inaugural speech on 4 March.
1865 - Abraham Lincoln was assassinated on 14 April.
1865 - Lincoln was pronounced dead on 15 April.
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